The Spanish Reining Championship is being held in the Club hipico of Cordoba during the weekend of October 16-18. We are all getting prepared with effort and enthusiasm. It will be a great show, which we invite you to view and enjoy with us!

10th of October 2009
Since today, you can find the last 2 photo galleries of Reining competitions in which we have taken part. Our riders participated with our horse Solanos Sugarman in the Roux trophy (NRHA) in France and the Catalan Reining Championship (FCH) in Equus Catalonia in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy them!

3rd of October 2009
Logotipo National Reining Horse Association
In Córdoba, last Sunday 18th of October, took place the final of the Spanish Reining Championship. In the end, the only rider who participated with our horse, Solanos Sugarman, was Helena. We are proud to congratulate Helena, who obtained a second place in the Amateur Category. We are happy to invite you to see some pictures of the competition and a video with Helena's whole performance.

30th of October 2009
Next June, a colt out of Marucha Rey Brenn and Solanos Sugarman will be born. It will be a sorrel/chesnut colt, very similar to Copper.

13th of November 2009
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We have added the sections Interesting Issues and Next events in our website. In the first section you can find some interesting issues like Reining patterns, horse's coat colors and handbooks from some associations. In the second section you can find a calendar with next events.

27th of July 2010

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